What is the HEMS Standard?

What is the HEMS Standard?

HEMS is an acronym for Health, Education, Maintenance, and Support.  The HEMS standard is often used in trusts to give the trustee broad direction in determining how to provide funds to the beneficiary(ies).  Health covers …

Why you need a Will, a Scenario.

Why you need a Will, a Scenario:

Decedent died intestate (without a Will). Decedent has 3 children from a prior marriage.  Decedent remarried and had been married to his current wife for 20 years when he passed.   Decedent had …

Do you have a simple estate and want to avoid probate?

Probate Avoidance Tools

While generally speaking, probate is typically not difficult or expensive if you have a well-designed estate plan.  However, if you do not have a complex estate, you may desire to plan for probate avoidance.  Transfer on Death …

Manufactured/Mobile Homes: Real or personal property?

Manufactured/mobile homes: Real or personal property?

Buying and selling real property or land with a manufactured or mobile home (“MH”) can be confusing and tricky if you don’t know what you are doing.  Generally, a MH is treated as personal …

What is an Executor supposed to do?

What is an Executor supposed to do?

If you are an Executor appointed in somebody’s Will, you will likely need to take a few steps to handle the estate of the person who is deceased.  Below are some of the …