Business Law

  • Business Organization and Operation

    When starting, organizing or operating a business it is important to have the proper structure. There are many options to consider: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP), Limited Liability Company (LLC), S Corporation, C Corporation, etc. You should discuss your goals and options for forming and operating a business with an attorney to make sure you choose wisely. An attorney will help prepare the necessary documents to form and operate your new business as well as file the necessary paperwork with the state and IRS.


    It is important to have the right structure for your business so you should have an experienced Texas attorney advise you and assist you in your business formation and operation. Call the Law Office of Roy Neal Linnartz, PLLC to schedule an appointment, 830.625.9300.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    One of the most popular and common forms of business entity is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). The main reason most LLCs are formed is to provide protection to the members (owners). The members are not personally liable for lawsuits brought against the LLC as long as they follow the regulations for operating an LLC. Forming an LLC also reserves and protects the name of the LLC from use by others and they will be required to get permission if the name they want to use is too similar to the name of the LLC. Name protection is afforded by filing the required Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State. In some instances there are some tax benefits of forming an LLC. The Law Office of Roy Neal Linnartz, PLLC does not offer tax advice and suggests you consult with an accountant regarding tax benefits.


    We can help you form your LLC. Call the Law Office of Roy Neal Linnartz, PLLC to schedule an appointment, 830.625.9300.

  • Contracts

    Whether just you are just starting a business or you have been operating a business for years, contracts and agreements are part of doing business. You need to make sure that when you sign a contract with another party that you are not doing so to your detriment and you also need to have contracts for your products or services that protect you. It is important to have an attorney review contracts and discuss with you the risks associated with what is included and to help negotiate better terms when necessary. An attorney can also help prepare contracts that will protect you and your company.


    You need an attorney that can review and draft contracts for your business to minimize your risks. Call the Law Office of Roy Neal Linnartz, PLLC to schedule an appointment, 830.625.9300.

  • Employees

    One of the hardest parts of running a business is dealing with employees. It is much easier to perfect the process or procedure for the product or service that you have to offer than it is to manage the people that are part of that process. An attorney can help with writing employment policies that make the process easier and that are in compliance with state and federal laws. A good employee manual serves as your instruction book for employees and what they can expect from the employer and what the employer can expect from them in the employment relationship. An attorney can help you deal with that problem employee so that you limit your liability. Whether it is handling discipline or termination of employment, an attorney can help you through the process to limit possible liability and help you follow the laws. Prevention of employee issues is best and we can help you with that; but, not all issues can be prevented and we can help when there is an issue.


    You need an attorney that can help you prevent and deal with employee issues. Call the Law Office of Roy Neal Linnartz, PLLC to schedule an appointment, 830.625.9300.

  • Collections

    There comes a time when, for whatever reason, a customer doesn’t pay their debts. In order to operate, your business relies on customers making payments for the goods or services that you provide. Sometimes phone calls and statements of past due accounts are not enough to get paid. An attorney can help you collect the money that is due.


    When your company is owed money and you need help collecting it, an attorney can help. Call the Law Office of Roy Neal Linnartz, PLLC to schedule an appointment, 830.625-9300.